Superior Spandex Table Linens

Made in the USA

We offer our custom form fitting table linens in all sizes. Custom sizes are available. With reinforced pockets and seams, they're guaranteed not to rip for two years. Spandex Table Linens products are currently in use with a broad range of companies and venues, including:

   •  Hotels & Resorts
   •  Restaurants & Caterers
   •  Event Planners   
   •  Convention Centers
   •  Corporate Locations
   •  Sports Arenas
   •  Weddings 
   •  Trade Shows
   •  Conference Centers
   •  Casinos
   •  Tailgating Parties
   •  Cruise Lines
   •  Country Clubs
   •  Educational Facilities
   •  Marketing Firms



• Spandex 6-Foot or 8-Foot Table Covers
• Spandex 6-Foot or 8-Foot Classroom Table Covers
• Half Moon Table Covers
• Serpentine Table Covers
• 48-Inch, 60-Inch, 72-Inch Round Table Covers

• 30-Inch or 36-Inch  Round Cocktail Table Covers
• Trash Can Covers
• Trayjack Covers
• Chair Covers


Additional Options

Our spandex table linens are available in 28 colors and a vast range of sizes, which accommodate virtually any table on the market today. They're low maintenance, don't require ironing, and can be customized with a logo of your choosing. Shipping is fast and, typically, your products will be in your possession in just one week.


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