Aluminum Table Toppers

Enhance your existing tables with our spandex and removeable aluminum table toppers.
All toppers include free spandex linen.


We offer light-weight and removeable aluminum toppers to enhance your existing table with minimal maintenance, just wipe it off. Saving you $1000's on laundering.  Custom colors are available.

Save your company thousands of dollars in laundry services and hours of cleaning time with our removable swirled aluminum table toppers. All toppers include our spandex linens without charge. Custom colors and textures are available upon request and standard high-gloss finishing options include:

   •  Swirled Copper    •  Swirled Silver    •  Swirled Gold

Extra Options

Add an extra 'wow factor' to your services with battery operated and remote-controlled LED mood lighting for underneath your highboy cocktail tables. Spandex Table Linens also provides swirled aluminum trash can lids to add elegance to these often overlooked, but highly functional, items. All of our aluminum toppers are made in the USA, and they're good for indoor and outdoor use.

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